Services Provided by Hansen International, Inc.


Hansen International, Inc. was founded as an engineering solutions company 100 years ago and our commitment to innovation and safety has never wavered. Our engineering department is second to none in the industry. We are at the forefront of product development, enhancements, changes, and improvements. Our engineers use only the latest software, techniques, and best practices to ensure our customers are the leaders in their respective markets.

Design & Development

Regardless of the sophistication of your project, from a paper napkin drawing sketched at a trade show to a last-minute solution to a fully designed project, our design and development team of engineers can fully understand and conceptualize your ideas or problems and resolve it quickly and efficiently.


You may call it a prototyping center, but when you have as much experience as we have over the length of time we’ve been manufacturing, we call it a tool shop. Our tool shop has seen hundreds of successfully built and patented products developed over the last 100 years.


No two products are alike even when they’re alike! Hole patterns, mounting specifications, finishes, and even gaskets can make a difference in your project. We specialize in delivering Locks, Latches, Handles, Grab Rails and Roll Up Doors (just to name a few) that fit your exact requirements.


Hansen International, Inc. has been a leading force in the manufacturing of industrial vehicle components for 100 years. Our commitment to our customers, our quality control, and our unwavering principles has allowed us to reach this milestone and move confidently into the next century of doing business.

We proudly maintain 110,000 square feet of manufacturing in the US at our plant located in Lexington, SC. We have found that by empowering our array of diverse employees within our company, we are able to capitalize on and master our: Assembly, On-Site Painting, On-Site Quality Testing, Stamping & Welding processes.

At times, when collaboration makes senses, we partner with our suppliers to deliver the best product, at the best price in the best timeframe possible for our customers.


The underlying thread that brings any company’s capabilities together and allows that company to thrive, grow, and succeed is sales and customer service. While Hansen International, Inc. may be 100 years old, our sales and customer service departments have hundreds of years combined experience in advising, trouble-shooting, problem solving, and moving toward the end result. Our customers are secure in our strengths and confident in our ability to provide the guidance, answers, and solutions to their projects.

We accomplish this daily not only with our in-depth product knowledge but with our expertise in; Inventory Management, EDI, JIT, Supply Chain Management, and Custom Packaging.


Interested in learning how Hansen can help keep your vehicles reliable when you need them most? Schedule a virtual truck tour and see how Hansen’s hardware is built to a higher standard.