Step Vans / Box Trucks

step van

Across the country, businesses of all sizes rely on step vans and box trucks to transport their employees and equipment to a job site. Given the essential role that these vehicles play in so many businesses, it’s highly important that the manufacturers of step vans and box trucks equip their vehicles with all of the components and assemblies necessary to improve their functionality, security, and more.

At Hansen International, we are proud to work alongside manufacturers of step vans and box trucks in order to provide them with the high-quality components and assemblies they need to set their vehicles apart from the competition.

Products We Offer for Use in the Manufacturing of Step Vans and Box Trucks

Building the perfect step van or box truck requires close attention to detail when it comes to the components and assemblies that you include. At Hansen International, we offer a wide range of products that can improve the functionality and security of step vans and box trucks, including exterior grab handles that make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, compartment latches and locks to secure the expensive equipment stored inside these vehicles, codeable locks and latching systems, and a number of other interior and exterior components and assemblies.

Most importantly, all of these components and assemblies feature innovative designs that improve their functionality and are built using high-strength materials and a high-quality construction process in order to ensure their durability and reliability.

If you are looking to equip the step vans and box trucks that you manufacture with the highest-quality components and assemblies in the market today, you can count on the superior quality of the products that we offer at Hansen International.