Roll Up Doors

Accessing equipment quickly and efficiently is necessary when on the job and your vehicle’s roll up door needs to offer exceptional performance. With the best overall hand clearance and variety of customizable options, Hansen International’s Roll Up Doors have been engineered to make compartment access a breeze for any industry.

Hansen International’s Roll Up Doors are built to a higher standard and offer the efficiency and durability you need. We use only the finest materials and a robust design to ensure our Roll Up Door is the toughest in the industry. All doors are manufactured in our Lexington, South Carolina manufacturing facility, using state-of-the-art equipment and trained technicians.

Features and Benefits:

• Best overall hand clearance, warranty, delivery lead time, and turnaround on aftermarket parts
• Patent pending Codable Locking Handlebar option
• Ford, GM, Dodge, and Toyota codable locks available
• E-lock option with or without inside emergency release
• Patented internal lock/unlock feature on traditional style inside release doors
• Logo customization on the exterior pivot blocks
• Single and multi-color lighting options
• In-house painting and testing
• Variety of finishes
• Easy Installation

Learn more about why Hansen International Roll Up Doors are the most preferred door in your industry.

Traditional Installation
Lower Profile Installation instructions


The Hansen Roll Up Door offers more features than any other roll up door on the market at the most affordable price.

Hansen International offers Roll Up Door types that appeal to all industries and compartment spaces.


Most commonly specified door type across all industries. The counterbalance is located at the front of the compartment. It is easy to install and properly clean.

No Roller

Bread box style option where no counterbalance is used. Ideal for small compartments where maximum space is required.


Majority would be used on utility bodies between side packs. The counterbalance is located in the rear of the compartment to maximize compartment openings for large equipment.

Satin – Standard

Hansen International’s Satin Standard door finish is a hard, durable anodized aluminum which offers protection from corrosion and provides easy cleaning and maintenance. Decals and graphics will adhere to this surface without issues.


Brushed finish is an upgrade option that reduces the appearance of scratches by concealing incidental contact. Brushed finish is only available on the slats of the curtain. Decals and graphics will adhere to this surface without issues.

Powder Coat

Hansen International can provide a tough as nails scratch resistant surface to match your color requirements at an economical cost. This finish is applied at the same extrusion facility that provides all the aluminum components for our Roll Up Doors. A color sample and a Powder Coat specification is required. As the finish is applied at the extrusion factory, the minimums and lead time are higher than the wet paint option which we do at our facility. Recommended for higher volume repeat Roll Up Door orders.


Hansen International uses an in house automotive wet paint system, capable of painting both PPG & Sikken’s. Every slat and door component is individually painted and cured prior to assembly. Doors are available in any color as well as metallic options. Decals and graphics will adhere to our painted surface without issues. A spray out card will be required for color matching.

Low Profile

This is our standard 304 SS grab bar-style handle. This handle will provide more compartment space than any other grab bar style door in the industry. This handle style is available with our patent-pending codeable locking option, allowing your doors to be keyed to the ignition of the chassis, securing the contents of your compartment against theft more so than the standard cylinders used today. This handle will also be available with our patent-pending inside release with lock/unlock features as well as with numerous key code options.

Traditional (Original)

Traditional is our standard 304 stainless steel grab bar style handle. This handle will provide the most hand clearance of any other grab bar style door in the industry. This style is available with electrified locking/emergency release option and our patent pending inside release with lock/unlock feature. Numerous key code options.

Paddle Handle

Hansen International’s Paddle Handle is a great option for the utility market, providing a familiar appearance to the industry. This locking handle option also has an inside release for applications that require it. Numerous key code options.

Century 2000

Century 2000 provides an overall different look to the Roll Up Doors in the marketplace while also offering an ergonomically friendly operating lift mechanism.

Hansen International’s 2 piece drip rail with trim cover and dressed up end caps doesn’t only provide a finished look but also prevents water from entering the compartment. Our two-fingered seal marries up with the provided bulb seal to create a barrier from water intrusion.

Sill Plates – Dam Sill

Dam Sill is an aluminum extrusion that not only provides a finished look but also prevents water from entering the compartment with its raised peak.

Sill Plates – Standard Sill

Standard Sill is a 90 degree aluminum extrusion that provides a finished look to the overall door opening.

Low profile solid state switch, no adjustment needed. Designed and positioned to eliminate false reads. Easy serviceability.

Positioned below the mounting plates, Hansen International’s 304 stainless steel drip pan cradles the rolled up door roll offering protection to painted curtains and equipment inside the compartment from water intrusion with trim cover and end caps.

Hansen International offers two options for operational assist when lowering tall doors.

Pull Cord

Our self-positioning braided nylon pull cord is attached to the bottom of the mounting plate and handle, making it ideal for lowering tall doors.

Pull StrapPull Strap

Attached to the handle portion of the door, our woven nylon strap hangs freely to assist with operation when individuals cannot reach the handle to lower the door.

Our standard 12 volt shock resistant 10mm LED lighting is housed in a polycarbonate tubing to protect the circuit board. Each end is sealed with nylon brackets. The light can either ship loosely or be installed. Exceeds compartment lighting requirements of NFPA 1901.