The need for convenient and secure enclosures spans a wide range of industries. Producing an enclosure that can keep an area secure while also being convenient to enter and exit for anyone who is allowed entry, though, requires you to make use of high-quality components such as locks, latches, and handles.

At Hansen International, we make building top-quality enclosures easier than ever by supplying the builders of these enclosures with the best locks, latches, and handles available in the market today.

Products We Offer for Use in Building Enclosures

Security and convenience are the two most important qualities for an effective enclosure, and the locks, latches, and handles we offer at Hansen International help make an enclosure completely secure and highly convenient at the same time.

All of the products we offer for use in building enclosures are built to be tough and while also being able to survive many years of use outside in the elements. The high-quality design of our locks, latches, and handles means that they will work exactly as intended each and every time, allowing convenient access to anyone who has the right key, and the wide range of choices we have available enables you to custom-build your ideal enclosure.

If you are committed to building a high-quality enclosure that is equal parts secure and convenient, you can count on our commitment to provide you with the locks, latches, and handles that you need to get the job done.