Agriculture & Construction

The industries of agriculture and construction make use of some of the largest and most powerful pieces of equipment in the world. Even when manufacturing large equipment such as tractors, backhoes, and combines, though, it’s important to pay attention to the small details and ensure you are using only the highest-quality components and assemblies.

At Hansen International, we are proud to work alongside manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment to supply them with superior-quality components and assemblies that will set their equipment apart from the competition.

Products We Offer for Use in Manufacturing Agriculture and Construction Equipment

The heavy-duty equipment of the agriculture and construction industries are often tasked with heavy-duty jobs, making it vital to manufacture this equipment using components and assemblies that are built to last. At Hansen International, all the components and assemblies we offer for use in the manufacturing of agriculture and construction equipment are high-quality products built with a commitment to ruggedness and reliability.

These products include anti-slip grab handles that make it easier to enter or exit large equipment, locks and latches for securing compartments on the equipment, sun visors and roller blinds to increase the comfort of the driver, and a wide range of other interior and exterior trim products. By combining these products, equipment used in the agriculture and construction industries are more convenient and easier to use for the men and women who operate them.

By outfitting your equipment with high-quality components and assemblies from Hansen International, you can manufacture equipment that stands out from any other equipment in the market today.