Heavy Truck

Drivers in the trucking industry have a close connection with their vehicle, and it’s up to the manufacturers of these trucks to ensure that every detail lives up to their expectations. At Hansen International, we are proud to partner with manufacturers of heavy trucks in order to supply them high-quality interior and exterior products that will help set their trucks apart from the competition.

Products We Offer for Use in the Manufacturing of Heavy Trucks

Building a truck that drivers may spend the majority of their career in, requires immense attention to detail and focus on quality. To help the manufacturers of these trucks produce a vehicle that lives up to these demands, we offer a wide range of products designed to improve the convenience, aesthetics and safety of heavy trucks. These products include interior trim products such as sun visors, interior grab bars and handles as well as exterior products such as hood props, latches and exterior grab bars.

Of course, heavy trucks must be built to have an incredibly long life cycle in order for the owner to get as much as possible out of their investment, and at Hansen International, all of our products demonstrate unparalleled durability and reliability. We strive to provide manufacturers of heavy trucks with components and assemblies that are built to last.

If you want to outfit your trucks with only the highest quality components and assemblies on the market today, you can count on the high-quality heavy truck components and assemblies produced by Hansen International.