The right toolbox can turn an ordinary truck into a vehicle that is ready for any job site. Of course, building the perfect toolbox for a utility truck requires you to use the perfect components. At Hansen International, we strive to help manufacturers of utility trucks and truck toolboxes make their products as effective, durable, and easy to use as possible for their customers by providing them with high-quality toolbox components that are built to last.

Products We Offer for Toolbox Design

Given that the owner of a utility truck may store thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and supplies in their truck’s toolbox and compartments one of the most important qualifications for a utility truck toolbox is security. To help manufacturers design a toolbox that is as theft proof as possible, we offer a range of high-quality locks and latches.

Convenience is certainly an important quality for a utility truck toolbox as well, and we offer a number of handles, latches and rotaries that make a toolbox much easier to use.

Most importantly, though, all of the toolbox accessories that we offer at Hansen International are built to stand up to the toughest conditions. We realize that utility truck toolboxes aren’t always treated gently, and that’s why we only offer toolbox accessories that can handle the abuse. If you are looking for a way to set your toolbox apart from the competition, equipping it with accessories from Hansen International is the perfect solution.