The demands placed on vehicles used by the military are more punishing than those for most any other vehicle category. That’s why every component in a military vehicle – right down to the smallest handles and latches – must be of the highest possible quality and durability. At Hansen International, we are proud to produce components, assemblies and engineered vehicle systems that can stand up to the rigors of military use.

Products We Offer for Military Use

Manufacturers of military vehicles are required to deliver a final product that demonstrates exceptional reliability and quality. In order to help these manufacturers meet the stringent demands of their clientele, we offer a wide range of high-quality components, such as door latching and handle kit, anti-slip grab and handrail devices, tow hooks, sun visors, and more.

Not all vehicle components and assemblies are built to stand up to the punishment of military use. At Hansen International, though, we manufacture every product with specific conditions in mind. The result is a set of vehicle components and assemblies that are rugged and reliable enough to handle and to work flawlessly, helping to make for a vehicle that is durable and reliable enough to get the military’s stamp of approval.

If you want to manufacture a vehicle that can make it through a war zone intact, you’ve got to equip it with the right components. Choosing to equip your military vehicle with components and assemblies from Hansen International is sure to help you produce a vehicle that is military-tough.