RV, Buses & Coaches

Manufacturing large transportation vehicles such as RVs, buses and coaches is no easy task. In order to produce a vehicle that will stand out from the competition and ensure a positive experience for the end user, it’s essential to equip your vehicle with the right components and assemblies.

At Hansen International, we are proud to help manufacturers of RVs, buses and coaches produce superior-quality vehicles by supplying them with industry-leading components and assemblies to use in the manufacturing of their vehicles.

Products We Offer for Use in the Manufacturing of RVs, Buses and Coaches

Whether you have a government contract selling buses for use in public transportation, a business selling RVs to consumers, or anything in-between, satisfying your customers will require you to use high-quality components that make your vehicle safe, enjoyable to ride or drive, and aesthetically pleasing. At Hansen International, we offer products such as exterior grab handles to help passengers easily enter and exit a large transit vehicle, interior grab handles to help keep them steady once they are inside, locks and latching devices to secure any compartment or door on the vehicle, and a wide range of other interior and exterior components.

All of these components and assemblies are built using innovative designs that make them more effective and easier to use as well as a high-quality construction that ensures they will last.

If you would like to manufacture RVs, buses or coaches that will perform flawlessly down to the smallest detail and will leave your customers completely satisfied, equipping your transit vehicles with components and assemblies from Hansen International is the perfect solution.