CNC Laser Capabilities

Whether you are producing a prototype for a new product or a highly unique part that needs to be custom made, CNC laser cutting is one of the best ways to turn a chunk of raw material into the part or prototype that you need. CNC laser cutting offers extraordinary precision and control, making it ideal for jobs in which tight tolerances are a requirement. CNC lasers can also be used to cut a wide range of both metal and nonmetal materials, giving you a lot of options as to what your part or product will be made out of. 

At Hansen International, we are proud to offer cutting-edge CNC laser capabilities to companies and manufacturers all over the world, enabling them to access the benefits of CNC laser cutting without having to purchase their own CNC laser. We are able to work with a wide array of materials and are able to produce both large and small parts and prototypes. If you need to produce a custom part, component or prototype in the most precise and accurate way possible, you can rely on the state-of-the-art CNC lasers and the expert technicians that operate them at Hansen International.