Short Run

Manufacturing products in massive quantities isn’t always the most economical solution. Whether you are producing a small batch of products to fill a specific niche in the market or you are manufacturing a select number of products or components for your employees to use within your company, short run manufacturing is often an ideal solution.

Of course, setting up an entire facility and process just to manufacture a single, small batch of products isn’t necessarily going to be all that practical or economical either. The good news is that short run manufacturing can be outsourced.

At Hansen International, we already have all the equipment, employees, and procedures in place to produce both large and small batches of most any product or component at just a moment’s notice. Whether you need 5,000 units of a given product or as few as 10, we will take your design and deliver a short run of your product in any quantity that you desire.

Don’t waste time and resources setting up your facility to manufacture just a small batch of products: Let Hansen International handle your manufacturing and deliver your short run of products straight to your company’s doorstep in no time at all.