Future Fuels and Hansen International Inc. Partner In Bringing An Innovative DC Fast Charger To Market

Future Fuels is thrilled to announce that Hansen International will be joining our efforts to bring our new DC fast charger models to market. Hansen International is strategically positioned to move into the EV fast charging space with many of their clients being fleets and service truck manufacturers. 

Our line of DC fast chargers and quick chargers incorporates new and innovative technology to allow each unit to be field adjustable. This allows for our chargers to accept multiple voltage inputs outside of the industry standard 480V power such as 208/240V. The purpose for this is to allow our customers to save on infrastructure costs as many commercial spaces are not readily equipped with a 480V electrical service. In most cases utilizing our DC fast chargers or quick chargers opposed to our competitors will save customers tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in project costs. These innovations and advantages would not be possible without our charger manufacturer Power Innovations International. 

We are extremely excited to have Hansen International Inc. displaying one of our various charger models at The Utility Expo in Louisville, KY from Sep 26-28. The booth will have on display our latest innovation in the form of our Mobile-DCQC in the 30kW configuration. This Unit is perfect for fleet charging solutions as it connects via cannon plug to an electrical circuit similar to the manner of connecting a welder to power. This unit is light enough to be moved by one individual with its modular design and four-wheel mechanism at its base. 

About Future Fuels: Since 2021 Future Fuels Energy Co. has focused its efforts on designing, selling and installing Electric Vehicle Chargers. In collaboration with our manufacturer Power Innovations International we have brought the first field adjustable multi-voltage capable DC fast charger to market. Our products are distributed and sold worldwide directly by Future Fuels and by our partners JD Martin and now Hansen International Inc. Our main goal as a company is to provide the best product for our end users, the most competitive pricing possible and excellent customer service and consultation.