Gas Springs or Gas Struts…Which Should You Choose for Your Vehicle?

Gas spring vs gas strut

Should you choose gas springs or gas struts for your vehicle? Knowing the difference between the two is a great place to start as you determine which is best. When it comes to vehicle applications, the right option for you will depend on your specific needs for functionality.

What Is a Gas Spring?

A gas spring is a mechanical device, and it works differently than a gas strut. The gas spring includes a cylinder and rod and takes pressure from inert gases such as nitrogen. This produces a pre-charge or force bias on a rod or piston. Vehicle manufacturers use gas springs for lowering or raising hatches and hoods. They are available in various stroke lengths and sizes, depending on the vehicle application and load guidelines. Gas springs come with customization options and provide lift and support for a range of applications, including heavy trucks, military vehicles, buses, RVs, and toolboxes.

What Is a Gas Strut?

A gas strut is also a mechanical device, and is commonly used as a vehicle suspension component. Gas struts work with the suspension system to support the vehicle while absorbing impact from road or other surface irregularities. Gas struts typically contain a coiled metal spring designed to shrink in height and store energy. When the coils are released, the spring lengthens, and energy releases. Many automobile manufacturers use gas struts at the wheels to provide a comfortable ride for vehicles that do not carry heavy loads.

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